Release notes

  • Realive Render: tracks that were in the QsBand folder were not render.  FIX
  • OPT clicking the arrange window will paste the currently selected Media Item
  • Generating Click track did not stop at the Fermata marker.  FIX
  • Other small bug fixes
  • While changing tempo while a song is playing, the change is more sync.
  • When engaging the solo click from stop avoid hearing a bit of audio coming thru
  • Prevent image stuttering when playing back while you have a lot of large projects are opened.
  • bug fix: Click mute unmute on seek to other project
  • CountIn force to 1bar: Fix Corner case from 2bars to 1bars
  • Smoother GUI during playback with big projects
  • Conductor Tap Mode: Hitting [SHIFT-C] will enable the [,] and [.] keys to control payback speed.  This can allow for rubato playing.  Only works well with non rhythmic material. (Strings/Pads)
  • Seek to new tempo improve
  • LEXA Controller setup: Using the "Switch View" function, Switch from Audio Routing goes to Live View


  • Generate Structure Track: Fix Bug with very small regions preventing building the regions properly
  • Conductor Track Menu, Fix sub menu not being created properly
  • Set item's playrate actions in action list and Media Item's Sub Menu
  • Set item's loop state  in action list and Media Item's Sub Menu
  • Fix corner cases in Bounce Script
  • Make Pref to force Refresh Cues on insert Markers
  • Click Menu: Reorganize menu
  • Bounce Script: Better Renaming
  • Bounce Script: Added Click & Cues function
  • Bounce Script: SMPTE is included in stems, Click and busses mode
  • Bounce Script: SMPTE is ignored in the mixdown


  • Fix Bug: Change count-in length wouldn’t work if there was a marker at time 0
  • Realive_SoloTrack_AddNewAction.lua: This action will build new scripts to allows soloing certain specific track with a shortcut.  Works on Routing and/or on Songs.  Right click on a track and Select “Build solo action for track



  • Line Check: Now
  • Measure Navigation now works
  • MIDI Cues Line Check
  • Fix bug with for certain cues that were not built
  • Media Explorer: Adding to sampler trigger sorting
  • Media Explorer: Insert to sampler action
  • Import Track Sort, Deleting Remaining Child Track
  • Zoom Out Temporarily, Show Message
  • Fix bug: While enabling Solo click make minimal play if playing from 0
  • Project Tab List: CMD Click to play works on non-active tabs.



  • Fix bug for certain cues that were not added when selected
  • Required SWS version is now



  • Mute click and smpte when going to next song with "immediate play" action markers
  • In the Click Menu: Prevent Click change note if Global Click is not enabled.
  • While Sorting tracks.  Delete the dummy track on folders that have been filled
  • Web Remote: show Edit cursor marker position, Inform when Seeking
  • Realive_MuteTrack_AddNewAction.lua: This action will build new scripts to allows muting certain specific track with a shortcut.  Works on Routing and/or on Songs.  Right click on a track and Select “Build mute action for track
  • Building a click track with a 6/8 song will convert it to 2/4
  • Tempo window support with 6/8 time signature: Right click on Tempo window to show 6/8 tempo
  • Ableton import: convert 6/8 projects, Ask to ignore non Audio/Midi tracks, Mute Guide/Click tracks
  • Better “Windows” support: Cleaned a few bugs
  • Added a Spanish 2 Voice pack with an another female voice.  More cues are now available
  • Added a preference to auto send a Program Change on song change



  • Entering an action marker over another replaces it.  Else it is added next to it.
  • Add Next Song Menu more options
  • Realive Logo on Window Message
  • ProjectTabList: Deprecate Refresh playlist display function
  • CountItem Cycle: Don't show edit view if in Live Mode
  • Realive Prod MIDI Tracks functionality:  Right click on the timeline and you can enter midi notes for Resolume triggering, for Easy Worship (In 2 modes if two Easy worship are used)



  • Better support for non English characters in the Title Window
  • Minor bug fixes…



  • Temporary samples have been added for separate instruments single cues: (Band, Drums, Bass, etc…) and (In, Solo, Drop, ), The samples will eventually be redone.
  • Bug Fix, in certain circumstances, the Click & Cues could be routed to the main out when changing sound interface
  • The “Find tempo” is experimental and not reliable all the time,  Added a warning message when using it.
  • When adding a cue, it is automatically played.



  • Click menu: Independently selecting click accent notes.  You can now decide which accent you want for each click track. (Wholebar, Beat, Div)
  • Routing Menu: Uppdate click  and cues routing action.  If needed, you can manually set it.
  • Samples is played when inserting it while no songs are playing
  • In the project tab list, change song to separator type



  • The audio routing window has been redesigned with its own Toolbar.
  • The audio device availability is automatically refreshed and announced if un unavailable
  • Click and cues can now be triggered globally from the audio routing.
  • New “Add cues” menu hitting the [Q] key. 
  • New “Add Action Marker” menu hitting the [K] key.
  • Section repetition has been enhanced.  You now know if a section is repeated several times and when the last time is coming.
  • A new solo click “freewheel” mode has been added.  Allowing the percs to keep playing while the click is soloed
  • Ableton live sessions can now be directly imported in REALIVE (Still in experimental state)
  • The transport bar buttons now supports REALIVE functionalities
  • The transport bar now has a section to show times vs full setlist length.  Useful to know how long you have until the setlist ends.
  • A “click menu” button has been added to the transport bar.  Several click related functions are found there.
  • Seeking to a section start can now optionally trigger a cue and a count
  • A “next section window” has been added to show the upcoming section when not visible.
  • Live looping mode can be activated to trigger several loops separated in project tabs and keep them in tempo.  They can be triggered with keyboard shortcuts or anything else.
  • A preference to keep the video opened while changing views.
  • On REALIVE startup a “recent RPLs” menu is shown.
  • Improve play button’s responsiveness.
  • REALIVE Render GUI window
  • Some corner cases fixes in the tempo changing logic to keep everything in sync.
  • The division click can be reassigned to the same sound as the beat click
  • The mouse wheel button will move the playhead to the mouse cursor, snapping to the bar while on live mode.
  • A few minor enhancements to Amalgama’s great renamer, (Named Realive_Reanamer.lua in the action list)
  • Several new Realive preferences added in the “Options” menu
  • Project playlist several little enhancements. (Copy playlist to clipboard)
  • Consolidate everything function to save everything to a folder.
  • In the Tempo View, a “Keep time position” button has been added to set the project timebase to ”time”
  • Low latency playback trigger: Avoid long wait before playback is initiated.