What Does REALIVE7 Do ?

Why Should I Use REALIVE7 ?

Whether it's in a stadium in front of 50,000 people or in a small venue in front of 50 people, REALIVE7 will reliably deliver the goods in a stress-free, hassle-free and crash-free manner.  It's simple enough to be run by a child, but solid enough to be used by the most demanding professional.

REALIVE7 provides a live backing track environment that is very flexible. Allowing the computer follow the band instead of forcing the band to be confined to a rigid computer structure.


Have full control on you setlist.

  • Quickly setup a list of independent songs
  • Change the order
  • Add or remove songs
  • Duplicate songs
  • Manually or automatically switch between songs

Without ever skipping a beat


Have full control on each of your songs and arrange them while your playing:

  • Navigate in a song
  • Repeat or skip parts in a song
  • Make Segways between songs
  • Precue and fire different sections at will
  • Let REALIVE7 dynamically cue your band
  • Stand by with a running click
  • Slow down or speed up the tempo
  • Change the key of each song independently.
  • Have REALIVE7 follow you wherever you go

Without ever skipping a beat

Song setup

Build new songs in less than 3 minutes

  1. You import audio files, and everything is sorted automatically, readily routed to the right outputs.  
  2. You then add the section markers to your song
  3. At the hit of a button, your click and cues tracks are automatically generated.

You are now ready to hit the play button and rock!

For and by touring musicians

REALIVE7 was built by a touring musician, for touring musicians.

The interface was designed to allow for a full control of your backing tracks while you're busy playing.  The computer will never be in your way.

Everything is only one click away:

  • Manually adding guide cues
  • Building marker tracks
  • Add actions to be automatically done (Change songs, Segways, Fermatas)
  • Inserting a SMPTE timecode
  • Changing the sound of the click
  • Changing the language of the cues
  • Presetting looping sections