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REALIVE7 configuration

REALIVE7 configuration

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The goal of the REALIVE7 configuration is to provide a live backing track environment that is very flexible. To easily be able to have the computer follow the band instead of having to be confined to a rigid sequence.

You can easily:
  1. Make a full list of songs that are independent: No huge timeline of 10,000 measures that can easily be broken by a tempo change somewhere and that makes the whole set loading "a long and painful task". Each list can obviously be saved, duplicated, renamed, savedAs, etc.
  2. Presets song switching: Using action markers, one can preset switching from one song to the other in three ways:
    1. Go to the Next song and wait
    2. Go to the Next and play immediately
    3. Smooth seek to the next song (Each of these switching actions can be performed with or without stopping the currently playing song. This allows for an easy seemless segway between songs.)
  3. Reroute everything to any output of the audio interface:  Each project relies on a template that separate your songs in busses (Click, Cues, Percs, SFX, Keyboards, Vocals, etc.)
  4. Every project makes use of Reaper's markers/regions and empty items features: You first create all your markers for the song, then you hit the "generate structure track" button and all your regions and empty items are automatically created.
  5. Navigate through and pre-cue different sections of the songs while ALWAYS staying on the beat.
  6. Loop sections of songs
  7. Loop and solo the click (1 bar or only the last beat of the previous bar): This even makes it possible to skip beats and turn the whole thing around if somebody in the band missed a beat.
  8. Stop Markers: To preset a song's ending, one doesn't need to go into the project settings. You simply enable "Project Ending" Blue marker and move it to where you want the song to stop.
  9. Change the song's tempo on the fly: Using the tempo editing mode, one can alter the tempo by:
    • +/- 1BPM increments
    • Entering a tempo amount or offset
    • Tap Tempo
  10. Change the song's master pitch on the fly: Using the pitch editing mode, one can alter the pitch by:
    • +/- 1BPM increments
    • Entering a pitch amount or offset
    • These tracks are not affected by the pitch edits:
      • SFX
      • Percs
      • SMPTE timecode
      • Click
      • Cues
  11. Imported new tracks are automatically sorted in their right folders: so that they are routed at the right place

  12. Cues guide track are generated automatically in three language (English/French/Spanish) according to the regions:
    Several other cues samples are available in a toolbar ready to be entered.
  13. Click track is generated automatically and several click sounds are available
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